Our Vision

Our vision is simple - to create a positive, clean, and safe environment for families and members of our community to come hang out and enjoy delicious quality food. A place where our guests don't feel pressured to leave and are welcomed to kick back and relax. We included pool tables in our design because we felt it's a great game that builds focus and control, sharpens the mind, and hones in on good hand eye coordination. All of which we believe are excellent attributes for both the young and young at heart to acquire. Typically, pool tables are located in bars, but we're committed to providing a safe, fun, healthy and delicious place for our local community families. We also added a small arcade to keep the littles entertained so families can relax instead of feeling confined to a table in a stuffy atmosphere. As far as the food is concerned, we strive to offer better than home-made meals from fresh ingredients, made to order, but without the hassle of clean-up. We provide a family setting for our guests and our team. It's a Cheers environment, where everybody knows your name.