Integrity: From our team to the way we prepare our food, our foundation is built on integrity. We believe in doing as you say you'll do, being honest, and treating others as you would want to be treated. We choose our high quality ingredients and preparation process with the golden rule in mind. What we serve in our restaurant is nothing less then what we would serve our family.

Love: We love and accept ourselves and others exactly as we are. We are open-minded and caring for all, regardless of political, religious, financial status or other beliefs. We treat everyone with unbiased friendliness and positive energy.

Service: We love serving our guests, team and community. Our team is self-aware and puts their own ego aside to provide selfless customer service. Our guests are constantly amazed at the friendly, positive and fun environment we have created. Our delicious food combined with attentive and caring communication creates a well-balanced dining experience. Our guests come back time and time again and spread the word to their friends.

Family: We are friendly, connected, respectful, and welcoming. We stick together through rough times and enjoy sharing the good times. This includes our guests, team, vendors, and community.

Quality: We choose the best team members that will provide outstanding customer service. We use only the high quality, delicious ingredients. We pay attention to the details in selecting our savory, mouth-watering, tasty menu items. We run our business legally, efficiently, and profitably to ensure a high standard of quality operations. This allows us to thrive and stay in business in order to continue to serve our community.