About Us

​I often get asked who we are, where we're from, and what I was thinking opening this restaurant. So, if you're wondering - here's the story. I was born and raised here - literally grew up about a quarter mile from the restaurant's location - and I have always said this community needs something. Through a weird twist of opportunities and a huge leap of faith, I went for it. We are not a chain or some big-time restaurateur with lots of money to back us. I started this venture as a 29 year old woman, who had a little experience in a lot of things, a lot of drive, and may or may not have lost my mind. We worked on a shoe string budget and simply went for it. I wanted to create a space for the community where people could come and enjoy each other's company, a place where families could enjoy their time together, somewhere that was inviting, clean, and offered a quality experience. I graduated from Sacramento State with a degree in business, but really had absolutely no idea what I was getting into with a restaurant. It has been quite the learning experience and I appreciate everyone's positive feedback as well as criticism. We have created something that is different and there has been a learning curve, but we're getting it down. We have an amazing staff that is so passionate about our company and their enthusiasm is contagious. We have a small kitchen, no microwave, make as much as we can from scratch, use quality ingredients and strive to give the best to our customers. The community's support has been awesome and I just want to thank everyone who has come out and given us a chance!